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I got my Terra about a week and a half ago and totally agree with all the positive comments others have made about it. I've put just over 600 miles on it so far, riding on everything from freeways to gnarly 4WD jeep tracks. I previously had a DR650 which I bought brand new and owned for about 2 years. I uncorked the DR by cutting the top out of the air box, installing a larger main jet and putting an FMF muffler on it. The Terra performs significantly better than my uncorked DR. It handles better on the twistys, definitely out accelerates it, and the suspension is much more capable on boulder strewn jeep tracks. I've been riding on and off road since the early 70's and this bike is the best dual purpose (on road/off road) bike I've ever owned. I would not hesitate to go long distance touring on it, 8 to 10 hours a day in the saddle would be no problem, nor would I hesitate to spend a day off roading 4 wheel drive routes with it. It's big limitation off-road is the tires which don't hook up very well in nasty, root infested muddy sections but I think with a decent set of knobbies it would be able to handle that as well. One of the secrets to riding this bike off-road is to lug the bike down around 3000RPM and let the bike tractor through. I find that if you're higher up in the power band (over 5000RPM) it's too easy to spin the rear wheel - although knobbies would probably solve that problem. All in all, this is a great bike and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dual purpose, adventure type motorcycle.
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