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Originally Posted by boscat View Post
So I bought a 2004 950 that i knew was not running. The fellow told me he was riding and the motor started to really raddle like the cam tens let go. He took it to his local dealer and they quoted him in the thousands to fix and it would never be the same again. The price was right and the bike looks like new. The bike has sat about 5 years and thats when i came across it. It only has about 12 000 miles on it. Been reading on here lots so last night I pulled the plastics off and drained all fluids. And as suspected the filter was all wavey. The oil its self looked real good. Pulled the oil screen, nothing on it. Magnet on drain had a little, nothing abnormal. Antifreeze was about half up the rad and the cap looked gross, rubber seals al curled up and cracked up.

Here is my question. Did I get lucky? Simply change the pump seal and run it hoping the filter was water logged?

Or now that I have all the plastics off should i do a leak down, comp test and do the valve clearance, clean carb ect...

By the way I checked the VIN and the bike should of had the head Gsk/bolts update done to it but shows that its never been done.

I want to do the pump seal regardless so I am leaning towards doing the seal and try to run it with fresh oil just to see where I am at with the motor.

Thanks in advance
Tough question. If it were me, I'd go ahead and do a valve check. At the same time, I'd put the new head nuts and washers on per the TSB. When you do that, you'll have to pull the cam bridges off. If the bridges are scarred from running with a lack of oil pressure . . . hmmmmm. Not good. If the cam bridges look pretty good, put the new head washers/nuts on, get the valves in spec, and ride it. Cam chains are not going to go bad at 12K miles (generally). Excess chain noise was probably caused by a lack of pressure on the cam chain tensioners, and it's just going to be a question of how long the engine was starved of pressure. The cam bridges will show the worst of the wear. If the bridges are not "too" scarred up, I'd just fix the water pump (CJ Racer upgrade), put in a Scott's filter, and ride.
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