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Originally Posted by oppozit View Post
I think they were made somewhere around the Sydney area. Seen a few over the years, mostly with Westcar and Dusting bodies. They seem to have worked a lot better than you'd think. Bought one without the suspension and wheel many years ago because it had a nice Watsonian body on it. It was apparently off a GL1000.

Fair call.

The radius bends on it are very neat so someone put some effort into it.

My judgement call was made from knowing how I ride all of mine and where ... did I mention the harley does brilliant power drifts on the bitumen in the first three gears ... little light drag on the chair brake and snap the throttle open.

A pic' without any spec's on material just makes it a bit harder to judge. I've looked at DJP frames and often wondered how they survived the rigors of our highway systems. Did see one in Lismore on an R75 that had the strut mounts held on with exhaust clamps , I was a good boy and kept my trap shut ... so I 'spose it pays to never write anything off.

Originally Posted by revken View Post
I can't do any type of arc welding for medical reasons (pacemaker ) which makes building tricky.

Well that does rule out a lot of options.

My biased pick out of that list so far ;

K100 , if it is mid ' 85 and later. Will do everything you ask from high speed to dirt. Easy to add a car rear tyre if it doesn't already have one.

GT750 kwaka. Same as above except it'll take more work to get a car tyre in there and just less power to play with.

Both are fuel and ride propositions with low maintenance. TouringDave will vote for the GT understandably . Ask Dave as he has had ( and still has one , I think ) hooked to a chair.

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