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Originally Posted by bouldertag View Post

Hey Pluric I was around your side of town today about 1 pm. I went for a ride to SL with my Daughter and we stopped and ate at that Mexican place called Mias, or something like that. West of the freeway in bountiful. Just right off the freeway.
Thought of you for .035 seconds then ate my smothered burrito!!

Great day for a ride. Daughter loves the bike!

Ya not such a great Tenere pic for the pic section. It will get better with actual on the road or dirt pics.

Bountiful is too far North.

My son and I were on the SV 650s today so no pics either (even though one is blue)

We hit a hill together and both tried to out wheelie each other. I saw his hit the point
of almost no return and then panic drop the front hard. I think he left something similar to your
smothered burrito on the seat.
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