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Air horn.....

Originally Posted by StriderJim View Post
Armchair decision-making about what will make a bear run away is worth exactly the effort put into it.
Originally Posted by meagain
Haven't read the entire thread but what about an 'air horn' ? Surely a load blast from one would scare a bear away and you wouldn't have to declare it at customs. Just a thought.

As for the air horn....I have one taped to the right shoulder strap of my day pack. As a young man on a trek, we once kept the Black bears out of our camp for three nights in a row by banging on pots and pans. Noise does help. As for the logic, I'm pretty sure that the bear won't have heard a horn that loud before and it may make him uneasy enough to decide to leave, I'm also pretty sure that he'll have already seen the stick I would otherwise have had to pick up....he's not very afraid of the stick. That's why the pistol is on the left shoulder strap. It wouldn't kill him....but, it's better than the stick! Bear spray would be better and I carry it on the bike, just haven't found the right size to carry on the shoulder strap...yet.
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