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Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
I understand you, Bryce. I was there once. And I have a son turning 29 in a couple of weeks. I know how confusing and apprehensive these thoughts can be. Please allow me to give back a little for sharing your experiences here. I hope this analogy helps you gather your thoughts over time.
People think it's formidibly difficult to embark upon and persevere through a journey such as yours herewithin documented. While it certainly has it's challenges, it's still miniscule compared to the rest of your life. Finding that turnoff, the right place to spend the night, and how to get your machine sorted can present quite a task at the moment, but hard to compare to finding a lifelong companion who will correctly mother your children, deciding where you're going to live, and how to support your family. But much like your journey, you plan ahead the best you can, you keep your eyes on where you're going while peeking back occasionally, work your way through through the terrain avoiding the obstacles you see and dealing with those you didn't, perform adequate maintenance, ride the good times with ecstacy and think of more ahead while down for maintenace. We do the best we can, but God has a master plan in which we play a role, so we look to Him for guidance. The road in front of us is all we can see, and our best attempts to navigate it skillfully aren't always as successful as we'd hoped. And while we can see and judge the trail in front of us, and can pick a path through the obstacles in sight, there's no telling what's around that corner or past that rise up ahead. We can only deal with the beyond after approaching with caution. We learn to make no assumptions, and to not take personally what we encounter. We learn from our experiences but harbor no regrets. We strive to always do our best and to say what we mean. Mostly we zip through with glee. However, some hills will be very steep and some water crossings very deep; we get stuck, crash, break things, and get hurt along the way. It's the grace with which we pick ourselves up and move on that shapes our character the most. As for choice of schooling/career, many factors play a role in this decision, some beyond our control, but ideally we look for something we're good at, enjoy doing, and can make an adequate living doing. At 29 or so, we're quite physically able and have some experiences behind us, from which we've learned, the lessons of which can used to orient ourselves in the direction of what we believe will be the happiest for us. So, in much the way you've approached this trip, so may you approach your procreative, livelihood, and recreational journey ahead. You have been bestowed the talents, and you will do just fine by God and be able to look back with no regrets if you stick to what you know is right. May you encounter excitement, happiness, contentment, and inner peace as you travel through life!

I wish I would have understood half of what ONandOFF said when I was 29. Let alone had someone wise enough to spell it out to me like that.

Happy belated birthday Bryce!! It's good to see your still having an amazing adventure. Don't grow up too fast... You've got the rest of your life right around the corner in front of you. Enjoy it!
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