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Today we had our second meeting this year, this time it was in the German city Krefeld. A bunch of Dutch people joined a few Germans and together we had a marvelous day.

Because I'm no hero with cold weather, I was (again) with the car (i'm sorry guy's ;) )

But just like last meeting in Amsterdam about 25 people from wich about 15 different drivers came. Some came even from 300KM up north.

We did (as we do more often) in the morning a few exercises.
GP8, wave, cloverleaf and a circle with 2 Jinxes.
and in the afternoon a course.

The circle was an excersise that was also used in the course, so people can get used to it. Also in the morning we made the excersises just a little bit more difficult to encourage a proper technique. In the afternoon the speed is just a bit higher.

I will provide some pictures.

I do have a question for you guys, what about air pressure in the tyres?
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