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Originally Posted by motoxer667 View Post
I have a friend that is looking to purchase a 2011 FE390. Anything he should look for? Reliable? Any reason to stay away from this bike?
The only known issues that I have heard about are the fuel pumps. There was a period of bad fuel pumps that would lock up when the fuel began to heat up. These bikes do heat the fuel because of the routing of the exhaust. So there was a batch of fuel pumps that would lock up and leave you stranded until the fuel cooled. The work arounds have been many, wrapped pipes, ceramic coating, heat blanket under the tank.. Husaberg came out with a new fuel pump that has solved the problem or the bike may never have had one of the bad batch. I would ask the previous owner what he has done to the bike to solve the hot fuel issue and see what he says.

It is tough to put extra fuel on the bike,, the subframe tank is made from unobtanium, the Safari tanks are 700 bucks.

Other than that the bikes have been pretty bomb proof, check for leakage around the counter sprocket, check for bearing play in the wheels, ask when the valves were last checked and what the outcome was. The 390 is often described as the most magical of the 70 degree bikes.
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