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XC ergonomics

Thanks for the input guys.

I'd like to cycle back to a few XC questions - I don't want to dismiss the bike too soon based on my feel of the riding position...

Since it looks like the bars can be swept up and back, that should take care of being more upright...

Can the pegs be moved down and forward by chance? I felt i was in a bit of a crouch.

Lastly, I'd say the bike was maybe 1 - 1.5" too high for my preferences (5-10, 32 inseam). My thinking is that once I toss bags on, I'm getting closer on the rear. For those that have lowered the bike, have you found that it didn't compromise the handling too much?

Here's my bigger picture thinking - The engine and transmission are perfect for my low speed needs around SF and plenty of power for everything else. If I can get the ergo's proper (which was the Roadie's out-of-the-box advantage), then the XC allows me to do my modest and occasional dual-sporting without concern. Also, my feeling is that there is more room to work with for dialing in the suspension to my liking since I'm really not looking to exploit every inch of travel - I just want it to absorb bumps a bit better than my F650 (Ohlins shock, stock front with intiminators)- it shouldn't be too damn hard i figure :)

And regarding ergos - I haven't even considered that the seat can be addressed as well.
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