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Originally Posted by john_h View Post
Can the pegs be moved down and forward by chance? I felt i was in a bit of a crouch.
I don't think you can easily move them forward, but there are a few options to make them more comfortable, wider, lower:

SW Motech On/Off Road Pegs (lower/wider)
Touratech Works (wider, more open, not sure about lower)
Pivot Pegz (pivoting, wider, don't think they'll mount lower)

If I'd look into anything at all, I'd get either the SW Motech or the Touratech. Didn't find the pivot pegs useful at all when I had them on my R1200GS.

But first of all: take the rubber out and try again. You'll get nearly an inch seat-to-peg distance which helps a lot.

Unfortunately Fastway doesn't make their pegs for the Tiger, it's a real bummer because these are probably the best combination of them all.

Originally Posted by john_h View Post
And regarding ergos - I haven't even considered that the seat can be addressed as well.
Regarding ergos you can do all adjustments to XC as well as Roadie. Parts are interchangeable. The main issue is: if you lower an XC to Roadie level, you'll have trouble with the softer suspension and scraping in corners. The suspension is softer and provides more travel - therefore, if you get them close together (said 1.5 inches), the Roadie will actually give you better ground clearance because of the harder suspension with less travel.

And the Roadie will already touch the pegs down fairly early, shortly followed by hard parts - which you certainly don't want. So, if canyon carving is in your mind, I would not lower the XC but get a Roadie. If you don't lower the XC, you should be okay.

I have a low and a standard seat for my Roadie and they give exactly the same reach to the ground. The standard seat is too soft, it lets you sink in after a few minutes, giving you the same reach to the ground, but you can very intimately feel how the plastic seat pan is shaped and where it hurts your behind. The low seat is much firmer, but has wide edges, making the reach to the ground actually more uncomfortable according to my wife (5'7", 32.5" inseam). For me it doesn't matter that much (34.5" inseam).

So, to get better reach to the ground: forget the Triumph low seat. Buy one with a better shape.

As said, the standard seat is way too soft, I'm planning on having mine re-done at Corbin on the stock pan for the stock height but with much firmer foam. Not sure whether and when I'll get to that though.

One more thing: The XC has tubed tires, the Roadie tubeless. I don't care much for tubed tires, therefore this was another argument for me to get the Roadie - plus the firmer suspension was a bit more stable for my typical riding. I'd have liked if Triumph had given the two a bit more "distance" from each other. A 17" front and a slightly wider rear on the Roadie + fully adjustable suspension would have been my dream bike.

Other than that: great bike! Yesterday on Highway 9:

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