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I have a friend that is looking to purchase a 2011 FE390. Anything he should look for? Reliable? Any reason to stay away from this bike?

Other than that the bikes have been pretty bomb proof, check for leakage around the counter sprocket, check for bearing play in the wheels, ask when the valves were last checked and what the outcome was. The 390 is often described as the most magical of the 70 degree bikes.
motoxer667, my 2011 FE390 has been pretty bomb-proof so far. Still running the same fuel pump and at 70hrs the first valve check all was still well in spec. May check valves again at 150hrs next.

My last dirtbike was a RXV550 arm-yanker, way too much power offroad. I wanted something less brutal for technical riding and the 570's still had too much power for that IMHO, barely use 25% of the throttle.

I do much prefer the FE390 engine over the 450 and 570, and I have ridden quite a few of the FE450/570 models. The 570 for desert/sand racing for sure and maybe long distance dual-sporting to handle taller gearing. The 390 gets the best fuel mileage, is the smoothest running, lightest feeling, and has more than enough power with the 3 map settings to handle any tough technical riding and still cruises quite happily at freeway speeds all day long if needed. The 390 doesn't wheelie in every gear like the big bore thumpers, but it lifts the front just fine in the first couple of gears for trail work, especially if running the 12 tooth in front. It climbs gnarly hills like a demon too. HighFive seems to like his My .02
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