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Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
My best battle of the day.....I've been getting my ass kicked today. High efficiency, next to no wins. Think I need to take a few days off. Ask Dave how my luck was this evening. He was a witness.
It was quite a few of our luck. The day turned silly with, I can only guess, either the crew training or the running of tanks to earn money for the tier 8 sale.

We don't know, but some time after about 1 PM, eastern, today a large mass of poor players all seemingly logged in at the same time.

Nothing has been too good since, but then Brian and I both were getting crap teams in our platoons.

Tier 8's

AMX 50 100

are both in the house. Two quick training rooms with Brian taught me a valuable lesson about the AMX 50 100, and I'm looking forward to playing the tank even though I have no interest in the end-game of the 50B.

The 4502A will have to wait for me to play it. I don't have the funds nor the energy to fix it up just yet.
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