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Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
I recently installed the Rekluse adjustable-clutch slave to go with my previously installed Rekluse Core EXP auto clutch. Pretty sweet to be able to adjust the auto-clutch externally with nothing but a 4mm allen wrench. Plus if the starter or batt died for some reason, spin the allen a few turns and it's back to a standard clutch and can be push-started.

Question: Minor problem, when I went to re-install my Husaberg Hard Parts Case/Slave chain guard it no longer fits because Rekluse runs the bleeder fitting on the side (better spot BTW). I have to run the stock plastic guard again for now.

Is anyone running the Rekluse adjustable-clutch slave and a slave/case guard that fits with it and if so what kind? Thanks.
I guess you missed my earlier posts with the EXACT same setup and questions?

For now, I've gone back to the stock chain guide/guard and drilled a 15mm hole through so I can access the clutch slave adjust.

I queried the guys at Rekluse and they suggested Enduro Engineering's slave guard might work better (or at least is more modifiable), so I'm gonna give that a try. I have one on order, but because of my broken wrist I'm a bit of a cripple right now as I can't ride, let alone wrench.

Sounds like your bike and mine are twins, separated at the end of the production line
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