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Great Stuff

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Howdy All,

I met Hubert a while back in Death Valley, we had a great time riding together and stayed in touch by email long after he had traveled to different parts of the world. I dare say that our meeting in Death Valley and riding together had a great impact on his later deciding to buy and use a Ural for his travels. Here is the video footage that Roger talked about, I took and supplied this video to IMWA which has used it for years. With as many views as this has gotten on youtube I should have copyrighted it.

To the best of my knowledge My Ural, Don's Ural and Herbert's BMW were the FIRST sidecars to ever make it over Mengel Pass, since this video was taken DaveO, Don and I have done it quite a few times. Again to the best of my knowledge Don, DaveO and I are the only sidecars that have gone over many of the trails and passes in the hinterland fringes of the Death Valley area.
Great Ride and yes I think it was tougher than the camera was portraying
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