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Originally Posted by fedswith View Post
hi guys, interesting topic.
I just came off a CB1000R (amzing bike, loved it) and moved to a second hand WR450F
just got slick of bloody car drivers.
I went looking for a wr250r cos I like 250's and playing around, going fast and having fun etc but for the same price of a second hand wr250r i found a second hand wr450f with 2700km on the clock, more power, :)
Now my wife has a xt250 (both 5 speed bikes) great little bike love riding it now and then, but here is the interesting thing.
When we go riding (which is very sandy) everywhere i take the more powerful better equiped wr450f my wife with much less skill and less powerful bike, can still get her xt250 there . And when your pushing or picking up either bike, both fill heavy.

So dont worry about big bore or better this or that, your gona find that most of the time, any of the bikes listed are gona take you fun places. Both our bikes go on the road to the trails then back home again. Find the bike that fits you chose the right tires and just ride..
Most people are faster on smaller bikes than on bigger bikes - they just don't want to admit it.

When we ride smaller less powerful bikes we pick cleaner lines, conserve momentum, brake less and so. Less energy wasted.

Have you ever seen a F1 driver do a lap in a normal road car? It looks slow because they're not sliding about, over-revving or braking to late. They're using every available bit of energy to go forward, and they use every inch of the track to avoid wheelspin or slides.

When it comes to road bikes my limit is about a sports 600 - any bigger than that and I don't go any faster, I just scare myself half to death.

When it comes to enduro my limit is about a 250cc fourstroke - any bigger than that and I think I'm actually going slower overall.

Small bikes are great! 30bhp will take you around the world easy!
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