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Daughter had her first race yesterday. She came in 6th out of 8. We were very proud of her for just doing it. She fell in the practice lap. Travis daughter came up and said she fell but got right back on and is doing good. There was a pretty good size mud/water hole. She made it through every time.

Say one of Docs boys out there as well. I see Doc post about clean bikes and that the owner needs to get some dirt on them. Well he sure would have been proud of his boys bike. It was muddy.

Wife took this picture right after she finished. You can see the smile under the helmet. She cant wait to get to the next race.

Congrats. Very cool. I tried to get my daughter into it but no dice. I even told her that it would be an easier path to fame than being a singer or actress or something stupid like that, because how many really good women motocrossers, rally riders, super crossers, etc. are there? Very few. Still, she wasn't buying it. Can't tell kids nuthin.

Who ran this race? Was it a hare scramble or an enduro? I want to take up racing myself, because how many old farts with bad knees are there? Millions, but I still want to do it. I don't have any of that fancy enduro timing gear, though, so I think hare scramblin' is the way to go.
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