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Originally Posted by rkover1 View Post
Aloha everyone,

Through happy circumstances at work, I find myself moving to Kona Town, to start work May 1st in Kealakekua.

I currently ride a BMW F650, but will be selling it before I leave due to the cost of shipping. Since I am a short dude with short legs, I plan to replace it with a Yamaha with a low seat height, either a TW200 or XT250.

I am wondering whether the carb'd TW would have any issues with elevation changes on the Big Island. The XT is fuel injected and would probably be the better all-arounder, though a bit taller. But the TW looks like way too much fun!

I plan to put a deposit on one of these this week and I'd appreciate any insight you guys there may be able to share.

I look forward to hanging out with some of you guys soon!

Mahalo nui la!

Aloha rkover! I rent motorcycles here in Kona and specialize in dual sport models so maybe I can help. I had a TW (recently sold) but I do regret it sometimes... it's a fun little bike. You will certainly have some rich running conditions with the carb'd models at higher elevations. All of my bikes can make it to the Mauna Kea summit, albeit a bit sluggish... but they can make it. If I had the choice of a new model though, I would go with a FI model. Also, maybe you can specify what you want out of the bike? Comfortable for full island ride? Just cruising around town? Wanting to do some progressive off-road riding?

I like the new CRF250L's and I will likely have one before the year is up. It's a great mix of performance both on highway and in the trails. Call me or come by the shop and we'll talk story... Jason 808-445-6722
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