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Originally Posted by xBoeing View Post
I'm an old nOOb looking for a step up from my XT250. I was really thinking F700GS but a cousin suggested this Husky. The TR650 does sound like a better next step.
I like the idea of the TR650 50/50 street off-road. But more realistically all the places I want to ride are a few freeway hours away. My XT250 and I don't like that. It's top speed of 65 meant staying in the far right lane like a little bunny and not mixing with the 75+ cagers. What is some of your owners impression of the TR650 mixing with the big boys.
I've ridden quite a few freeway miles with mine and you'll have no trouble keeping up with traffic - just the opposite in fact. This bike will out accelerate, and has a higher top speed than just about any car. The bike redlines at 8000RPM and in 5th gear at 4000RPM you are doing just over 60MPH and the bike is rock steady and just about vibration free. Off road the bike will handle gnarly 4WD tracks with ease. Don't be concerned that it's only got 7.5 inches of suspension travel front and rear. The important thing is that the suspension has high quality damping and works very well. The Terra will have no problems keeping up with the F700GS on the street unless the F700 rider decides to go flat out as hard as he can, but off-road the Terra will be significantly better than the F700GS,
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