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Here is my story

I spent ....
7 years skydiving
23 years snowboarding, 8 in big air freestyle comps
7 years downhill and freeride mountain biking. Big cliff drops and skinny bridges
6 years rock climbing, 2 years without rope
13 years on motorcycles

I have lost...
1 friend at 23 in his sleep
2 friends at 23 in the rhode island club fire
2 friends under 40 skydiving
4 friend due to illness.

Statistically i should be dead or in a wheelchair. I went to work one day, got hurt, spent 3 months in hospital, and spent the last 15 months relearning how to walk from a wheelchair. I can now walk with braces and a cane. Life is never known. Live how YOU want and do what makes YOU happy. If its riding, ride. If not..sell it and find something new. I am at the point now where I can entertain riding. I will ride. It makes me happy and you never know when its your time.

Every day and every memory is a gift. Make the most of them doing what makes you happy.
Romans 5: 3-5
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