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So my guess is that at least two weeks of steady rain are needed to wash NE Ohio's roads free of the crazy amount of salt.
Seems that every time we have a mild Winter, local authorities go nuts and blow their salt wad at the slightest hint of frozen water falling from the sky.
Fucking piles of salt sitting at most intersections....uggghhh

So...Spring IS coming (and a hearty FUCK YOU to all those in warmer climes currently riding too Randy, riding the VStrom all Winter) so I figured I'd better wrap up the Winter farkling.

Morimoto HID projectors are installed and working fine. GOD left the lights on kind of light, and saved 40 precious watts on the SV's taxed charging system to power all the other crap I'm running.

Sorry for the

4300 K Bi-Xenon 35W with the gate down (low beam)

And the high beams (still looks a bit blue like 6000K)

And of course, the obligatory warm weather-touring on the SV pic

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