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Thanks for the responses!
the camera can be analog or digital, but video inputs are required. On mine when you run it in "vcr" mode it knows to record through the remote.

The mic is from radio shack, I think it's a tie-clip type; not very high quality. It's a lot less sensitive than than the camcorder mic, plus I wrap it in foam to cut out wind + bag noise and it's usually inside a fanny pack or saddle bag. The wires have to be packed pretty carefully or the connections will snap/crackle/pop during playback - real annoying to listen to. My current bike has pretty loud pipes when I get on it it's the first vehicle that has come through that dinky mic so clearly. I had a real sphincter moment later in that clip when a wet straightaway ended... it would really suck to crash while trying to get something on film.

I've used and for parts; the first website has a nice housing for the camera that velcros to your helmet or the bike. Tank mounts give great shots of the speedometers + leaning but being able to turn the camera with your head is good too, just make sure you watch the road of course. A helmet mount will help absorb some bumps too, and with mine I was lucky to have the image stabilizing function work through the remote. Pretty important for off road filming LOL.

7 cameras, now that is a lot of spaghetti! I've mostly stuck to helmet mounts. Here's a wacky one I did on a previous bike; the vibration was pretty bad with this one.

Pretty silly setup so I only did it once Here's a clip from that ride

Bonus points if you can name the helmet graphics. Those training videos sound like a lot of work went into them, I'd be interested to see some. Someone once told me that data collection was easy + it's the processing that's a PITA... they were right as far as filming. Editing takes time + patience. I'll post some more here once in awhile, thanks again

Janders, great sig, and photog, I fell for your link...

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