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Originally Posted by igorpetrovich View Post
Congratulations!! is it the one with manual suspensions? is why you got the WP sicker on the forks?
How do you find the bike?
Thanks, WP sticker is extra. :-)) found a pair in the shop, didn't want to leave the shock blank.
This is one of the full specs. including Tpms, electronic shocks etc.

I own two bikes, one of them an 800R; I used to ride it in the city, where I find the GSA wide and heavy or a few weekend trips, when I am alone and missing a more active riding. Now after selling GSA away, my short today 1190 ride made me think, that this can be a one bike for all.

I didn't like the OE sound, definitely needs to spend. So far it really looked like consuming less than the 990. I am 180 cm tall and use a Shoei Hornet helmet, OE shield worked better for me than the 990 tall shield, but worse than the GSA OE shield; yes you get wind on your arms and shoulder. It was a windy day, but I got sort of needing a rest.

The heat problem is my main, due to a severe problem on my legs' deep veins; sold 990 for this. Today felt a little bit heat at left, but it wasn't at a disturbing level; the temperature bars never moved up or down, but didn't have much traffic at all.

Seat is not very bad, I can live with it.

150 ps power you don't necessarily feel at the street mode (haven't tried the sport mode), but it can easily accelerate fast and sometimes you don't notice. I think I have missed accelerating without shifting down and feel the acceleration. :-)))

The left computer screen is full of information, but try not to seek what you are looking for while riding, until you get used to the bike, I have almost hit the side of the road once.

While braking the front dives like a 990; maybe after GSA I found it too much, but I remember while testing the S10, the front shocks were very stiff and diving was at minimum.

One thing for sure, it's a fast bike and it's a nice bike; I don't regret my choice, because I like orange brand.
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