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Good times

Originally Posted by Entrepre-neer View Post
Discovering an oil leak on shakedown and working til midnight at the hotel the night before to fix it. That's rally apparently.

Waving to the cops that patrol the hotel parking lots to keep our gear safe at night. (seriously they come by every 20 minutes...all night long...) That's part of rally.

Discovering the missing TDC bolt rolling around in the pool of oil inside your skid plate when you stop for gas on the ride to the start line. I guess that's part of rally too.

Sharing parts from your back pack to help another rider keep their bike going long enough to get to service so they can keep racing. Yep. That's rally.

Bringing a friend and for his first ever race on a bike....and sqeaking his trail bike through service with bicycle blinkers and a radioshack horn... Also rally.

Watching oil drip out of your skid plate at the gas station and fixing your bike on the spot; that's part of the rally too.
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