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Originally Posted by Queen of Spades View Post
Thanks for that Bill - appreciate the encouragement & prayer.

Is it bad to lean into the pain? I kinda can't avoid it when going from sitting to standing or vice-versa. But is it good to stretch into it, to loosen it up?
No stretching until pain is gone or mostly gone. Ice and anti-inflammatories when it first gets hurt for 48 hrs, off and on. I keep it on as long as I can take it. 20 minutes I believe is the standard? Then heat and rest and anti inflammatories. Of course as much rest as possible until healed. Then you want to do stretching and strengthening to prevent this from happening again. I still work on my motorcycles if the pain isnt too much. Been dealing with a bad back since i hurt it in football back in 88. yoga, lots of core exercises and an herb called turmeric (a natural herb that helps with inflammation in the body). My back is as good as it can be. Still hurts all the time, just not the muscle spasm kind of hurt any more. When your back is truly out. You cant do chit. Working out for 30+ years. I dont know everything but I have learned a lot.
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