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Cheap lightweight crash jeans?

Hey.. so i'm new round here.. been reading these forums for a while but thought i better create an acount. Been riding for 2 or 3 years, mainly just comuting to work ect ocasional green laning, got an xr400 05 plate a few months ago and am planning on touring from england to and around portugal and possibly morroco in may and june. Obviously it's not an ideal bike for such distance but people have done stupider things... Got the bike geared up a little from stock and gonna make the seat a bit more bareable with some sheepskin and im gonna be travelling slow, no more than a few hours a day, but anyway, due to practicallity i normally just ride in jeans, which i know is pretty dim so I'm looking for suggestions. I am on a very tight budget as it is so need somthing cheap, lightweight (somthing i can wear while riding in a portugese june without cooking myself) and offers a bit more protection than just jeans.

I was looking at these not sure how much protection they would actually offer, or if they would be too hot in portugal. Anyway sorry for rambling, just looking for opinions, suggestions ect
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