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Ah, this reminds me of the George Carlin routine about "two kinds of drivers."

There are plenty of bad drivers out there - my comment was in regards to aggressive drivers. Only in Texas have I been passed on the right... when I was already in the right lane! Only in Texas have I been passed on the left, only to have that driver cut across 5 lanes of traffic to "make the exit." If you are only doing 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, they will come up behind you and ride your bumper (rather than just pass). After we were hit by an uninsured driver in Texas, I was told by the insurance adjuster that they estimate over 40% of the drivers in south Texas don't carry insurance. When we are there, I tend to spend more time on the water than on the roads... it's much safer.

We spent 30 years in the Black Hills in western South Dakota. It is a motorcycling wonderland. Also, a major tourist destination... so there are drivers from all over there, just like Disneyland. Plenty of "flatlanders" who haven't driven hills, mountains, and twisty roads. We have traveled coast to coast; from south of the Mexico border to north of the Canadian border... there are plenty of bad drivers out there.

If you see a car driving 20 mph under the speed limit, in the passing lane, with their left turn signal blinking away endlessly... betcha there's a Minnesota license plate on there!


Regarding the gas mileage: when someone asks, I tell 'em "around 100 miles per gallon." My wife is always quick to add, "I get better than that." Apparently, it IS a contest.


More scootering around today - lunch out and some shopping. We put an easy 55 miles of in-town driving on the scoots.

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