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Originally Posted by Georgios View Post
Can you adjust the electronic suspension while moving the bike or, for safety reasons, only at standing position?
Acc to various reports, the adjustability is half and half. That is: spring preload can be adjusted only with the bike moving at less than walking pace or at a standstill, but damping can be adjusted on the move.

The EDS offers only three damping settings: Comfort, Street and Sport. However, it appears from some reports that these have been tweaked by the factory for the different load settings. That is, "Comfort" damping in the "Passenger plus Luggage" spring setting might run a click or two more compression damping than "Comfort" in the "Rider only" spring setting, for example.

Originally Posted by Georgios View Post
I wonder what would be more important. The ability to adjust by a push of the thumb or the fully adjustable manual adjustment?
Depends how much you trust the factory to get the settings right for your loads and preferences.

For me, it will be the manual adjustment because I don't trust the factory and because on this sort of shock, the sweet spot for adjustment will be fairly narrow and so a good compromise set-up should work nearly as well in most conditions as the specialist settings.

YMMV. I'll admit the ability to switch in a firmer setting when you hit smooth, twisty roads would be nice. But in that case I would also want to add a bit of rear preload to sharpen the steering. Which can't be done at speed on this EDS version.

It helps that the manual adjusters on the shock appear easy to get to - well, preload and compression anyway.

Shame the compression adjustment appears to require a screwdriver; otherwise you could tweak it manually on the move.
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