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Originally Posted by jon_l View Post
I agree with much of what you wrote, but your heated grip comment sounds like you're from Alabama; note that the OP is from Ontario. Heated grips here extend the already too short season. Heated grips beat thick winter gloves for control.
Point taken. In that climate I can see where the grips would be a valuable amenity. And I've known others who really liked them.

But for me, I settled on a set of winter gloves that have worked well down to 25* Fahrenheit and blowing sleet and snow -- without turning on the heated grips.

And all that said (drum roll please), I no longer ride in that type of weather. At age 58 some things that were attractive to me at age 35 just no longer exert the same draw.

Sooo ... I'll stay in the crib with my bride (no heated grips needed to be hot) and you young bucks can tackle the harsh elements on two wheels. Just saying ...
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