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I feel your pain, new chain, new Shorei battery (can these really be this light?) new oil and filter, new GL bags, new sprocket and a FRIGGIN stripped swingarm. Ugg, its gotta get better, eventually.

Originally Posted by GSequoia View Post
Two steps forward, one step back.

Got my heli-coils, Autozone had a kit with three, just how many I needed. I got the tail box project done, yay I'll have a place for lunch!

When I rode to work this morning I was feeling a bit of a wobble, I also noticed the front brake not acting right, obviously the rotor on my trail wheels is quite warped (when braking there's a spot that power is reduced, poor man's ABS!). Took the wheel off tonight to swap the warped rotor with the good one off my street wheel but found that the previous owner of said wheels put them on with a buttload of torque. Messed up two bolt heads before I gave up (damn allen heads) and put my D607 street wheel back on, now I look all funny with a knobby on the rear and smoothie on front.

I'm sure teh warped rotor will be just fine for the event, I just don't want to commute on it. I'll fix the bolts at a later date (i.e. the next last possible second).

Next up is oil change and build a skidplate. Oh and buy beer / pack camping supplies.
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