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Originally Posted by GSequoia View Post
Receiver frequency:

146.900 - offset
PL tone 123.0

This is a store-and-forward repeater, normally operates as simplex but I'm going duplex so you don't have to hear transmissions twice if you're close. Incoming transmissions are stored and then re-transmitted on full power when complete, as such a one second message takes a total of two seconds to get across the group.

I'll be in camp Wednesday if you want to program radios, if you don't know how to program your radio I suggest taking a cheat sheet with you so we can get you all hooked up.

If you happen to have a Yeasu VX-7R, FT-1900, or FT-8800 I can program the radio with my computer.

i will have my yaesu vx6r ht with me.

thanks geoff.
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