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Riverland Terrace is a great area and you're right that is something to see this time of the year.. The Oaks really are awesome :)

Not sure that I want to search the heater Fan switch, I take it that they're either impossible to find or a major PITA to replace.. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a search

Going after some seat covers today and picking up some upholstery glue for re-covering the rear dash.. The fabric is long gone back there. I just so happened to have a pc. approx 6' by 2' that my wife picked up a while back for recovering a seat.. High quality BLack Pleather, LOL.. Or should I call it Corinthian Leather hahaha.. It isn't kepping things original, but I think it'll turn out pretty good.. Oh, might I add I know nothing about sewing or upholstery but I've done a headliner or two over the years and this looks like it takes about the same amount of technology..

Fixed a tail light yesterday that was working intermittently.. Found it was a little weak on the connection where the bulb socket meets the 'Circuit-Board' terminal that feeds the rest of the lights in that housing.. Its really weird how Volvo set up the Brake/tail light/turn signal assembly.. Have never seen that before.. Whatever works though,,
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