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Originally Posted by Captain Excellent View Post
So great to have a Canadian distributor. No more of that "tax" from the anonymous customs broker.
So I'm one of those unfortunates that bought a PDM60 the week before you updated your stock. I missed it by that much! You mention a Langlay BC distributor at Power Sports, can they do the upgrade for me locally, or does it have to ship all the way back to you?
BTW, great service. I placed an order on a Sunday and thought nothing would happen 'till the next week. I saw more stuff I wanted to get into the same order to keep shipping cost down, but by Sunday night my order status had changed to "shipped" already and it was too late to make a change. I was blown away. What retailer ships that fast over a weekend these days? Everything was at my door by the following Friday. In a world of instant gratification, that's about as close as one could get with a cross country / on-line purchase. Too bad I didn't discover the ADV shipping discount 'till after.
Keep up the good service (no pressure)

Thanks for the kind words! As much as we are not a 7 days a week business, we try and do those little things that makes the difference and if its shipping on a weekend....... so be it!

Yes, its crappy about the timing of the new firmware release and yes, there will be customers that would have bought it before we had it and applied it. But as I mentioned, all current stock has the newest FW that will allow consumers to update the PDM60 in the near future themselves.

Our Langley BC dealer will be able to sell the PDM60 but they do not have the software, cable and hardware kit that we do, to make the update. At this point no dealer would buy the kit, since updates will soon be done by the consumer so they won't invest in the kit. So currently, in Canada, we are the only company that can do the update for you.

But having said that, ship it back to us and we will update ANY previous sold PDM60 FREE OF CHARGE and ship it back to you FREE OF CHARGE.
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