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Originally Posted by foxtrapper View Post
It's not the heater fan switch, it's the fan itself. It's the proverbial belly-button of the 240. The theory is they hung a fan on a wire, and then built the car around it. Which considering what's involved with replacing one, seems plausable. There are some interesting cutting tricks that work. Cutting panels to access parts is a speciality of Volvo repairs it seems.

Congrats on the 240 (or did I already say that?). Didn't realize you were thinking of going back that far. To me, the 240 was the last of the rather simple Volvos.
Wasn't planning on getting one quite this old.. But when it came up for sale, with the low price, low miles considering age, and seems to run and drive well, I figured what the heck - why not..

So far, no fan issues, fingers are crossed not to run into an issue with it :)

I really like the simplicity of the mechanics on this car.. I could do a lot of part changing in less time than it would take to go after the parts, lol
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