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Originally Posted by novack View Post
Hi there

Here is my question regarding the topic (hope this will be useful to topic starter too): what is the best (the most spectacular) way to cross Transalpina and Transfarasan - from north to sound or vice versa?
We haven't ridden Transalpina yet, and only the north side of Transfaragasan, so others may me able to help you better.

Here are my 2 cents.

Transfagarasan: If the tunnel at the summit is closed, you would probably prefer the north side as this is where the lake and restaurant is. It is a nice place for a cold beer (or a warm cup of coffee as it can be quite cold up there). So I would recommend the going north to south. Also, I have been told the northen part is the most scenic (although we didn't get to see the south side as the tunnel was shut due to rock slides on the southern part). Going back the same way was awesome as well although it is a bit annoying to end up where you started. Sighisoara is not too far away and is a great place for sight seeing, and not as crowded as Brasov.

Transalpina: We haven't ridden there yet, it is planned for this year. We will be riding south to north as we will try riding the gravel road starting at the top and heading east. It starts at N45 22.823 E23 39.105 and is designated as road 701D on OpenStreetMaps (I'm not sure that is accurate as there is another road with that number too, hence to coord). It is clearly visible on Google Earth, just search the coord. Alternatively we will continue north and ride 7A east. I believe that road is paved.

At the end of the day, I don't think it matters much. If you take your time, stop a couple of times, get off the bike for a couple of pictures, it would great no matter what.

When are you planning on going there?
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