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Here's my pin kit

From the bottom left clockwise: Pulley, wood dowel so I can get a grip on the thin spectra pulley cord, some medium daisy chains / runners, a couple carabiners, a long (12-15 foot) daisy.

The core of the system is a pulley combo made by Adventure Engineering.

The system is basically a small 5:1 Z drag pulley pre-strung with very thin but very strong spectra cord. The extra cord in this picture is wrapped around a white piece of plastic I cut to keep things semi organized.
Fully expanded it allows for a 12 foot pull. They report you can lift a 500 pound bike, and the web site used to have a picture of a guy lifting a 1200 GS straight up off the garage floor.
I use the daisy chains and runners to tie off quickly to whatever I can haul from (tree, etc). Then pull the system as much as I can, and then just move it up along the daisy chain so I don't have to re-rig the whole setup.
I have used this now several times on both bikes and an ATV I found stuck. I ride a lot solo in the mountains and (knock on wood) so far I have just had to recover other people's bikes, but I am sure my day is coming. If I drop my bike off the down side of a steep trail, I am confident that I can self rescue in many situations with this set up.
The whole thing packs small and the pulley weighs just a couple ounces. My whole kit is probably around 1 1/2-2 pounds.

I have this tucked in a Kreiga 10 tail bag that also holds 2 spare tubes, all my tire changing stuff (enduro stand, irons, patches, etc), my hand pump and my tool roll. I just strap the bag to whichever bike I am riding and I'm good to go. I consider my pin kit and self recovery a vastly preferable alternative to a very long walk out then having to go back and get the bike later anyway.
Unfortunately, the last I checked, the Adventure Engineering site is currently down for "restructuring". Hopefully they will get going again as this is a really cool piece of gear that works well. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who rides off the beaten track.
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