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Originally Posted by Plungerhead View Post
Thanks for the info guys!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting for a return call from my dealer and will ask these questions.
I'm in a quandry here. The weather is going to be awful the next 3 days. i REALLY don't want to ride this beauty home in the wet or even trailer it in the rain.. BUT I want the damned thing in my garage!!!!!!
Of course like most dealers they are closed Sundays and 2 days off! I'm going to ask that if someones lives in the area if they could be bribed to open the doors for me on Monday, JUST 5 MINS. ITS ALL I NEED!
AWFUL? If they wont agree to open for you on Monday,I'd wait. Whats a couple more days? Hate to get a brand new bike all dirty the first day I owned it.
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