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Originally Posted by Plungerhead View Post
Thanks for the info guys!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting for a return call from my dealer and will ask these questions.
I'm in a quandry here. The weather is going to be awful the next 3 days. i REALLY don't want to ride this beauty home in the wet or even trailer it in the rain.. BUT I want the damned thing in my garage!!!!!!
Of course like most dealers they are closed Sundays and 2 days off! I'm going to ask that if someones lives in the area if they could be bribed to open the doors for me on Monday, JUST 5 MINS. ITS ALL I NEED!
. Won't ride it home in the rain! It's just water. Just bustin your balls Plungerhead. I'm just jealous. With that said, If you pay for the plane ticket I'll ride it home for ya, and wash it off in the driveway in a bikini!
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