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Originally Posted by STBNE View Post
I have a friend who is a Volvo specialist with over 30 yrs of experience and he loves the simplicity of the 240' s that he much prefers to work on. Its his favorite Volvo and he has a few in his yard...;)

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Well, for my sake I hope I don't have to 'work' to much on this 240. Nevertheless, if & when I do, because I'm sure that day will come. I am very glad that its an easy vehicle to repair.. Hopefully, I can do most of the work myself. From what I hear, Volvo's don't require to many specialty tools to do repairs. I have all of the basic stuff, do most all of my own bike work/repairs and alike :) The bike is much newer than the car, so hopefull that means the car will be easier to work. Of course, if its like most things in life. It takes a few minutes the first go around. After that, you could almost do it in your sleep in half that of the first try..
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