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Originally Posted by aquadog View Post
That's why the pistol is on the left shoulder strap. It wouldn't kill him....but, it's better than the stick! Bear spray would be better and I carry it on the bike, just haven't found the right size to carry on the shoulder strap...yet.
Aside from the ethical issue of wounding an animal you intend to leave in the bush, there's the practical issue of have you deterred him, or just really pissed him off? And if not you, is there someone else coming along that you've just set a trap for? Hmmm.[/QUOTE]

I hear you. The pistol as far as animals go is more for the noise than anything. Only as a last result for an animal, I'd rather have the spray, but like I said I haven't found the size I'm looking for yet. The pistol is more for the 2 legged varmints. If I'm seriously wary of where I'm going to be on the bike, I carry the horn and the spray, but I also carry a pistol grip 12 guage with slugs. I hope I never have to use it.. Horn, spray and then 12guage. I have a very healthy respect for bears. So far just noise has been enough.

I get some really funny looks on the trail with the pistol....I can only imagine what the reaction would be to the 12 guage. I'd probably come back to a Sheriff at the truck.
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