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Hey gang,

been away for a bit due to work and other hobbies (shooting and reloading and then shooting again) and just spent a week riding over in the Mena, Ar area with the family. Man I love this bike. I have an 08' 530 EXCR with around 85 hours on it is what it says on the computer. Don't really look at the puter' much cause I am too busy riding. Anyway I had the suspension re-worked by SMS here in Denton, TX. What a difference this makes. Anyone that has one of this bikes, or any bike for that matter get your suspension tuned to you. I would not have believed it myself, but when my wife says that she was shocked at how fast I was going through the woods on loop comprised of trails 8, 816 and 6 at Wolf Pen in Mena, I guess it has some merit.

It also saved my hide on this same trip. I came down trail 6 right before 826 and took the last water diverter a little hot. I do not know how far I flew but I knew I was in over my head. I just leaned back and let the bike take it. I managed to keep it all together with just a little dab. I promptly pulle dover and cleaned out my pants before anyone else rolled up behind me.

So after all of this fun I have been watching skills videos and have realized how out of shape I have let myself get after practicing some of them in the back yard. Those guys are incredible and trying to do a controlled wheelie and coordinate the rear brake and clutch is really something. This is goign to be baby steps. The log hopping is taking shape I managed to get over a couple of 12" logs a couple of times last night without touching them. I just need to work on consistently being able to do it. Then I will move on to bigger lumber.

Practice those skills guys these bikes are incredible. I have drank from the orange Kool-Aid cup now . It is going to be hard going back to the base colors again.
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