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input on next hack project

So im having my gl1500 hacked out with a nice new Kenna sidecar for the longer, trips across the country with my wife. Should hopefully be done sometime in april.

Now its time to start thinking about me . My riding is mostly back paved roads, dirt roads, and fire roads/minimum maintanence. No single track. I currently ride a DL650, but i really prefer driving hacks around, just due to the stability, size, storage space, and the fact I can bring the dogs. So the options for me are:

1) hack the strom with something like a m72D (I like the ural style tubs, any alternative out there to the M72 by DMC?) Strom has 14k miles.

2) get a pre 2007 KLR and hack it with the DMC sidecar frame, and build a cargo box for pups and gear (no monkey on this rig, thats what the wing rig is for, just me and the dogs)

3) get a ural - they are awesome, but just so spendy - I really think I would prefer to spend the money making a really nice custom rig with more modern tech. Only thing i would miss is 2wd, but since I am mostly on dirt plowed roads, i think i would be ok.

Thought and opinion? Im not worried about the 650 engine (strom or KLR) being too small, as I had a hacked KLR before and it was just fine for me.
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