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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
There has to be a picture somewhere on the internet (google) of your bike, new or semi new, on a kickstand, go search.

Trials kickstands, are lightweight and weak, yet I see former dirt bike riders that like to stand on them, and kick start the bikes. This has been a NO NO (in my family) for trials riders since I was about 9 (like in or around 74) so I kind of cringe when I see that, lol.

I think yours is bent, probably right at the pivot, that slight bend at the 4 or so inches from bottom is normal. FWIW! many times as not, they get bent the other way, & stick way to straight up and down, because the bike fell over in semi soft ground, that allows the bike to overcome the angle, yet hard enough that weight of bike bends the stand clear in under the bike, almost.

I hit the Kick Stand, which is mounted on the swingarm, a LOT, when I jump onto big rocks, which bends on the mounting bracket part. Most of my buddies take the kickstand off and lean bikes on a a tree, just because how the kickstand can hang when you jump big rocks. I just dont like when at the Hauler, or in the shop, I have to find a place to lean the bike. so I just live with it.
My Scorpa kickstand/bracket has been bent/damaged/repaired at least once, and still doesn't work well. A previous owner wasn't able to start it without standing on the pegs while the bike was on the stand so she did what she had to do. I just took the stand off and have been meaning to repair it for a couple of years now. I mostly don't mind finding a tree to lean the bike on, but occasionally have to screw around at a section looking for a parking spot and wish for the stand.
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