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Hi Mike, First, Your Kenna frame is off to powder coat this morning so things are moving along with it.
Your DL will work fine. It has more power then the KLR or DR but as you know is heavier. If you like the M72 type sidecars other options include buying a Ural sidecar or a Dnepr sidecar and adapting it. I would skip the Chinese Cj sidecars. They tend to be much heavier and the suspension is not as good. Some the build quality is so bad that we have seen the frames come apart. If you go with a Ural or Dnepr sidecar they are heavier then our M72D and will require you make changes to the sidecar frame as the lower front mounts are not adjustable and the lower rear is to far aft. There is another inmate adding a Dnepr to his Strom right now with our kit for do so. By the time you buy the kit, buy the sidecar and then make the changes to the sidecar you are starting to close in on the base price of our M72D which comes with all of the mounting hardware. For the DL we offer leading legs to lower the steering effort. For the DR we offer nothing at this time however I hope to be buying one soon in order to develop a leading link front end. We offer a leading link front end for the KLR. Another bike to look at, early BMW F650's have come down in price as have BMW R1100GS's. Another option that some people go with rather then our "kenna" type frame and mounts is our Enduro sidecar, It runs $2995 with all of the mounting hardware for any of these bikes. The one up side to the Kenna type frame is that we built it to be able to ship Fed Ex so you are not looking at crating and truck shipping when just the frame is ordered.
If I were doing this for my self, If I were mainly on pavment with light off road I would go with a BMW F650GS and M72D. But if I already owned a DL650 This is the bike I would go with. If I were going more heavy off road I would go with the KLR with an Enduro sidecar. The reason for the KLR instead of the BMW is that even if I have more money into the KLR I find that I never quite care about the bike as much as the BMW and as such tend to have more fun off road with it.
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