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Hi Jerry,

I certainly understand. I've been riding for 45 years, and have gotten off hard twice. I don't ride my motorcycle a lot in south Texas because of the aggressive drivers. The problem for riders everywhere is: someone stupid can show up anywhere... not just where traffic is congested.

I've noticed a change in attitude (mine) as I've ... um... matured. While there are times I enjoy carving up a canyon, I just like being out on two wheels. Perhaps I am saying something that all the scooter riders here already know, but I feel (and act) differently on the scooter. Perhaps it is a change in mindset, maybe I've mellowed, or it could be that old "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" advertising? I have no desire to "challenge" the road or the conditions.

I know there comes a time when one has to say, "Maybe it's time to be done with this motorcycle stuff?" I have to say I was getting pretty close to that decision... and then my wife brought up the idea of a couple scooters.

I'm having fun on two wheels again. We are being cautious - it takes longer to heal at our age. Or, as my dear ol' Mother used to say: "Getting old isn't for sissies." If I can't blend with traffic, I'll do my best to find alternative routing. I have said before, I don't much like big cities. For a lot of years, I have "endured" our time in Phoenix... because we get to spend time with our delightful daughter and son-in-law. For the past couple weeks, I have seen this city in a different light... not doing the Interstates and expressways has actually been a pleasure. Instead of "Well, it will take us a half hour to get to Bell Road via the 101," I don't care how long it takes, and I'm enjoying the time enroute.

The scooters are light, maneuverable, and easy. There was a time in my life I would have been embarrassed about riding something "so small." These days, I don't need a particular motor size or brand. I'm just having fun!

Let's all ride careful. Riding through an intersection a few days ago, I came upon the aftermath of an SUV/motorcycle accident... the Suburban was parked at the curb, the bike was being loaded on a flatbed... the thing that really gave me that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach: there was a shoe still laying in the intersection.

Take care.

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