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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
Slippery slopes exist. They just take a lot more time and are not as steep as some assume. Take smoking for example. In the mid-70's, if you had suggested banning smoking in all restaurants, airplanes and all indoor workplaces, people would have called you an extremist. The anti-smoking lobby didn't start with proposing $1.00 per pack taxes. They started small. They suggested requiring non-smoking sections on airplanes and restaurants. They created a logical argument as to why this was good policy. They then used that accepted logic to move to the next step. Then the next and the next. Once the basic logic is accepted, it gets easier to move to the next step...
I know you're just trying to make a point but the analogy with smoking is very poor. Someone else's choice not to wear a helmet while riding doesn't have a "second hand" impact on my health, nor make me and my clothes stink like an ashtray after a visit to a restaurant.

Smoking makes a much better analogy for phone usage while driving because that DOES affect other people. In one 30-mile drive yesterday I nearly had a collision with one phone-jammed-in-ear driver and was delayed by two texting drivers who sat at green lights until they went red again. I could hardly have cared less if I'd seen a helmetless motorcyclist go by, although I would have called them an idiot.
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