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Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
Thanks! I miss a lot of things about Wyoming, but having the bikes under cover and on a battery tender for five or six months isn't one of them. I can't believe how much I've missed having a dirt bike! The GS is an awesome machine, but you have to be careful of its weight and bulk so I don't take it some places I'd like to see. I had an RT when I moved here but it just wasn't getting ridden because there are so many fine gravel roads to explore, so I sold it and got some kayaks! Don't do much of that in Wyoming...

I'd always wanted to do some kayaking and Virginia is full of cool rivers. This is the James just a few miles from home. We sometimes put the kayaks and MC on the trailer and use the motorcycle as a shuttle vehicle, so I get the best of both worlds! Kinda miss the RT, but this helps salve my wounds .
Lots of good riding here in the Appalachians. I now live in Collinsville, VA-but bought 5 acres just west of Churchville, VA off Jennings Gap Road-so fairly close to you. Maybe we can share some riding some day,..


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