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Rob, likewise mate, how are ye keeping? All well here if a little busier than normal
Bike is still on the bench so as to speak.
Im saving up all the pennies to bascially have the whole thing rebuilt, well apart from the head. Its an expensive route to take but that way il know its sorted once and for all bar basic servicing.
If you hear of anone selling new oem bearings, chains, tensioners, guides, springs at a good price let me know.
Also any upgrades that are wise to do shout! I have that first oversize piston and barrel (without cutouts but i read that ok to use?) and ive read about the later cct and a hessler spring being a good idea.
Lastly the i think i remember Dave saying to use a later balance chain guide too...?

Spen, the creation is looking well mate, you gona sell the pther one or start a collection like Bob?

Ps Mait that piston looks great!
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