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Finally got some time in on the car Friday evening. Changed the nasty looking oil/filter, got the Antenna up, cleaned up the inside a little and replaced the material on the back dash.. Oil that came out was pretty nasty.. I had notice some knock/piston slap on it as well. It started after I put fuel in it the other dday. So, I did a little reading about the 240's and found many have slap that is 'ok' and keep on going for many more miles.
After my oil change I got to thinking .. Maybe the fuel I got was not the best, but more so it was regular unleaded with ethanol. I decided to run down the road yeasterday and filled the tank of with Non-Ethanol Premium fuel. Well Lord and behold - When I started the car today and ran some errands it was a totally different car. No more slap/knock and running better all around. I already run only non ethanol in my Bike, now it looks like the Volvo will get the same :) Not an issue if it'll run this happy on it :)
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