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So as we all know, timing is everything. For me, putting together the hack has been a balance between enjoying the process of putting it together, and getting it done in time to ride it before.....I can't. Working on it has given me a winter diversion. When I am working on motorcycles it's all about problem solving, seeng how things work, and learning something know, the zen of motorcycle maintenance.

The project has gone well. Talking with Jay a few times helped clear up a few questions, but generally, the rig has gone together smoothly and as designed. I received invaluable assistance off and on from good friends, combined with lots of solo hours out in my shop looking, thinking, and moving slowly. I make slow progress

Three test rides so far. First two the thing was almost unrideble due to major tank slappers. I had installed new steering head bearings so checked and sure enough, they were loose. I guess I didn't quite tighten it after installing the new ones as much as I shoulda have. Went for a ride today and it is way better. Bit of a head shake around twenty five mph, but now it is at least manageable. Pulls to the right hard so checked it all over and found instead of toe-in at 5/8 I am actually out 2". How the frig did that happen. At least I know where to start to address the pull to the right.

The great things is my riding season started last week. i am having fun, learning something new, and enjoying my time.

Changed out chain and sprockets and went down one tooth on the front.

Subframe in

Upper frame mount.

Won't need this anymore.

Wife made me a happy meal.

Time for a test drive.


So after about 10 adjustments (dam thing fell over once when I was oh so close to final adjustment) I think I may have it as good as its going to be. Getting more comfortable with it but in truth, my first thought after riding it was.....what a f#*ed up thing to do to a perfectly good moto.
I will add more at some point about how it steers and handles but for now.....I just have to figure out how to keep it going straight and between the lines....and yes I have read the Yellow Book but reading and doing are two really different things.
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