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Originally Posted by mike cummins View Post
i recently bought the darian however have not used it yet. My last big trip was across the outback to darwin and island hopped from timor around the islands to bali.
Since then i have done rides from sydney to darwin through all sorts of weather and my opinion is this.

The klim transvers is not waterproof, it fits well and will block 90% of water but after a while water gets in. mine was through the front.
The klim is a off road jacket , the darian is an all road jacket. I have not ridden in the darien but can tell its not suitable or meant to be an off road jacket ( its too big). The best jacket / pants i ever owned was the first savannah bmw gear i bought. it was also the best in summer.

I bought the darien for its all round use and not for off roaring. i will use the darien on long out back trips . I am looking currently at a forcefield armoured shirt , and wear that with the traverse pants and carry the jacket to throw over the shirt for rain etc. I still think the bmw gear is the best all round solution and i think that gortex gear is to bloody hot.
Thanks for your input, however I think my tolerances may be quite a bit more than yours. If I get a little wet, fine, and my current setup is a bulky pair of motoport pants and a leather jacket that is a few sizes too big.
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